Mountain Dulcimer Music Fest 2013

Gary Gallier

For over 30 years Gary Gallier has remained on the forefront of progressive evolution and innovation on the mountain dulcimer.  This is well demonstrated in his unique and exciting playing style of melodic flatpicking, the revolutionary instruments he builds, and in the progressive music he plays.  Recent reviews of Gary’s work include comments about his “powerful and highly original vision of where the dulcimer can go” and his “breath-taking style.”  


Sue Carpenter

Sue Carpenter had played piano and organ for years when she first played a mountain dulcimer in 1981 and was immediately captivated by its simplicity and challenged by its fingerpicking possibilities.  Now best known for her expressive style and exceptional technical ability as an instrumentalist, her audiences are delighted by her balanced repertoire with a wide range of styles and tempos: traditional, folk, original compositions, ragtime, fingerpicking, and strumming.


Michael Shull

Michael Shull is thankful for the musical legacy of his grandfather and mother who left him with a passion and an ear for music. At a very young age he performed with his family throughout the southeast, later played in his high school band until marriage, family, work and other hobbies diverted his attention for many years. Then...


Bulletin:  it's Dec 22. 
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Mountain Dulcimer Music Fest!

Festival Coordinator: Lori Keddell

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